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CUSTOM-MADE Free remake guarantee


Free remake guarantee

We don't merely produce clothing; we craft masterpieces. At our core, our passion lies in tailoring custom-made apparel that embraces your body perfectly. From the initial measurements to the final creation, each step is meticulously designed with your unique essence in mind.

Simplifying and Accelerating Custom-Made

Elevate your attire by ordering custom-made garments from the convenience of your home. Fiorenzo ensures delivery to your doorstep in approximately 2 weeks.

In Need of Alterations? Here's the Solution

From 95% to 100%, our mission is to make you look and feel exceptional in bespoke attire. If your preferences aren't entirely met the first time, sit back and let our guarantee guide you towards perfection.

Exceptional Support Beyond Compare

Our customer support comprises of bespoke experts who are committed to delivering an impeccable fit. Your size is the only one that matters to us, and we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Free remake guarantee - shirts, polo shirts & t-shirts

Uh-oh, didn't we quite hit the mark with your preferences? Your clothing should make you feel utterly fantastic! If it falls short, no worries – we offer the following solutions:

Complimentary Remake:
Reach out to our support team, hash out the specifics for your ideal fit. Fiorenzo will produce a fresh piece for you at no cost. We'll also store all the nuances in your profile to guarantee consistent outcomes for future orders.

Local Alterations Option:
Let us know about the adjustments needed along with a snapshot of the receipt. We'll save these alterations to your profile for future reference, and you'll receive a store credit.

Please note that our free remake guarantee is applicable to your first custom-made shirt, polo shirt, and t-shirt.

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Fit guarantee for suits

Experience an exceptional fit right from the outset with our revolutionary fitting samples. We ensure a perfect fit by incorporating all necessary alterations into the fitting garment before crafting the final suit.

Kindly note that the free remake guarantee is not applicable to purchases of suits, suit jackets, waistcoats, blazers, or suit pants. For these items, we guarantee an impeccable fit through the utilization of a fitting garment.

So, what’s a fitting sample?

In essence, a fitting sample is precisely what its name implies. It serves the purpose of confirming a precise fit before the final product is manufactured. Constructed from raw cotton canvas, this material imparts the fitting sample with its distinctive and straightforward appearance. Through this methodology, an exceptional outcome is assured, affording you the chance to offer your input before your ultimate attire is crafted. Given that the sample is tailored exclusively for your needs, we greatly appreciate your individual insights and feedback – this is where the utility of the fitting sample truly shines. Importantly, the cost of the fitting sample is encompassed within the overall pricing of the suit.

Alterations are needed, what do I do?

Seeking alterations for your suit? Rest assured, we're here to assist! Whether the sleeves require a slight adjustment in length or the waist needs a touch more tapering, consider it done. Our alterations policy ensures a seamless process – your suit can be conveniently altered at a local tailor of your choice. The best part? We'll reimburse you for their services.

Before proceeding, kindly ensure that your chosen tailor is confident in their ability to perform the required alterations within the budget specified below. Upon receiving the alterations details from your tailor, we'll make certain that your upcoming suit fits impeccably.

How much does Fiorenzo reimburse for local alterations?

We're pleased to offer reimbursement for alterations to online orders, with a maximum coverage of $100. The specific reimbursement amount will vary based on the type of garments being altered. Please refer to the following maximum limits per garment:

  • Two-piece suit $75
  • Three-piece suit $100
  • Jackets or blazers $50
  • Suit trousers $25
  • Vest $25

Before proceeding with alterations, it's important to ensure that your chosen tailor is confident in their ability to complete the necessary adjustments within the specified reimbursement amount. Should your tailor have any doubts about staying within the allotted budget, please refrain from proceeding with the alterations and reach out to us. We're more than happy to discuss alternative solutions.