CUSTOM-MADE Fast delivery Free remake guarantee

CUSTOM-MADE Free remake guarantee


Refund Policy


1.  After-salespolicy: Alterations, remakes, and refunds


Returns& Refund Policy Conditions:


1.1. Fiorenzo offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee for all its products. This guarantee includes


·    If there issome defect in fabric or the size needs to be altered, then the customer livingin any other country can take their garments to any local tailor and send theinvoice to Fiorenzo & we will refund the cost ofthe alterations*( Follow section 1.2)

·    In thosecases where the garment cannot be adjusted, we will proceed to remake theproduct for free.


1.2. To request a refund forthe alterations, the following steps need to be followed


·     Take your garments to the closest local tailor (or alterations shop)

·     Log intoyour Fiorenzo account, go to "open inquiry",and attach the Invoice

·     Fiorenzo will refund you the costs* within 72 hours

·     If theorder has been paid with gift card or credit, the refund will be made in creditfor future purchases.


1.3. The followingconditions apply for the refund for adjustments


·  You mustcomplain about your order within 30 days after delivery

·  Costs willonly be reimbursed if you provide a real invoice within 30 days after delivery

·  The refundsfor adjustments are limited to 25% of the product price.

·  The refundfor the adjustments will be as store credit if the invoice has been sentbetween 30 and 90 days after delivery.

·  The refundfor the adjustments will be as store credit if the order is a free remake


1.4. The followingconditions apply for the remakes


·  The newproduct will be the same as the original one

·  Theoriginal garments should be returned to our quality control centre. Customersare responsible for return shipping charges.

·  Style andfabric changes have an additional cost of 20% + difference in the fabric price

·   Fabric/material changes are for free if the fabric/material is outof stock

·  Fiorenzo reserves the right to deny remakes in circumstanceswhere our professionals consider that tailoring arrangements/adjustments arethe most suitable option, the products are not in perfect condition or thecustomer does not cooperate with the information requested for the new remake.


1.5. Fiorenzo has a return policy forevery buying product on from Fiorenzo Store for all customers. The customer can return theproduct within 15 days, depending on the description on the product detailspage. The return period starts from the moment the customer receives thestatus that the product has been delivered to the customer'saddress. (Including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) Customers cancheck the return period from the symbol shown on the product details page.


1.6. Fiorenzo offers 3 options of after-salesservice: refund, replacement, repair.


·  Refund”means the customer wishes to return the purchased product to the seller andintends to receive a refund for such transactions.

·  Replacement”means the customer wishes to return the purchased products to the seller andintends to receive new products of the same type and the type as the customerordered without being able to change the product to another colour, designor size for customers. If the customer wants to change the product to another colour,design or size, the customer must return the product and new orders only

·  Repair”means the customer purchases a warranty product and the said productcannot function properly until causing customers to want to repair theproduct


Fiorenzo reserves the right to refuse any after-salesservice. that do not meet the requirements set the terms andconditions specified in the after-sales policy.


2.  Requirementsfor submitting an after-sales service claim

2.1. Returnconditions and reason for return

Returnedmerchandise and packaging must comply with the following conditions.




·        “Unusable Product” means an item that cannot be used as describedby seller.

·        “The product is damaged (Damaged when reaching the customer)”means the product is damaged in transit and/or the outer packaging is damaged.

·        “Expired” means the product has passed the warranty date orexpired

·        “Incomplete Product” means an item that is missingequipment. or not having complete equipment as described by the seller

·        “Product does not match as advertised” means a product that doesnot match the description on the website.

·        “Wrong Product Received” means the wrong product received asordered.

·        “Customer change of mind” means the customer decides to return theproduct for reasons other than those stated above. Fiorenzo reserves the right to accept the return and refund / exchange of theproduct due to the “customer change of mind”.

·        In case of receiving the wrong product, the product must bein its original condition. The packaging was not opened ortorn. Unless there may be an accidental abnormal condition. Itdepends on the information received or shown on the package.

·        In the event that the customer returns the product but does notmeet the return conditions, the product will be returned to thecustomer and the customer must be responsible for the shipping cost.

·         In the event that the customer changes his mind, the itemsbelow are non-returnable or exchangeable.


**Only global products


·         Due to regulations or hygiene issues, conditions of someproducts are non-refundable.

·         Due to return reason “Customer Changes” includes modified orcustom-made products. 

·         The product is nearing its expiration date or cannot beused. Items that cannot be returned according to Fiorenzo return policy.

2.2. After-salesservice options

a. Productreplacement

·         Product exchanges are valid only for products of the same color,size and specifications. If such products are out of stock, Fiorenzo reserves the right to handle each case on a case-by-casebasis.


b. Productrepair

·         Each store's product warranty is different. The terms andconditions of the warranty vary from seller to seller. Please checkwarranty terms and conditions before submitting an after-sales serviceclaim. If the customer's after-sales service request does not satisfy theterms and conditions specified by the seller, the claim will not be approved.


c. Returningproducts for a refund




·         Refunds to credit and debit cards are subject to the customer'scard billing cycle and refund policy. (If the customer does not receive arefund after the next two-month billing cycle Please contact thecustomer's credit or debit card service centre.)

2.3. Additionalterms for refunds

·         Fiorenzo may contact the customer andrequest additional documentation to facilitate the refund process. Ifthe customer refuses to provide information about the customer's bank accountor provides documentation related to the after-sales service request for arefund, Fiorenzo reserves the right to disapprove therefund process.


·         Normally, Fiorenzo will refund thepurchase price to the customer according to the actual amount paid and refundby the method that the customer chooses to pay for and shipping costs forreturning Fiorenzo products will be refunded throughthe customer's bank account only. Fiorenzo reservesthe right not to refund in other ways. Other than those stated above inthis policy. 


3.     Return Processing Time


3.1. The normal return processtakes 3 business days (in some cases it may take longer) from the date theproduct arrives at Fiorenzo.

1.      Ifcustomers need more information, they can contact the Customer Support Centreonline, email at or call 01789 205612 /+44 (0) 1789 205 612.


2.      When deliveryof large items or products that need to be installed.

3.2. Fiorenzo reserves the right to deliver products within the specified deliveryarea only


·         The courier may contact the customer and the seller for additionalshipping route details.


·        In the event of a natural disaster on any shipping route, deliverymay be delayed. The delivery staff will contact the customer on a case-by-casebasis.


·        Shipping address cannot be changed after the order is confirmed


·        Some products must be picked up by a person who has the minimumage required by the government. An ID card or other document will beretrieved for confirmation.

·        If an item is refused on delivery, Fiorenzo reserves the right to collect shipping costs to the customer in allcases.

·        Oversized goods refer to goods weighing more than 20 kilograms orgoods with dimensions of width x length x height more than 150 centimetres.

·         Shipping and installation of large items will be carried outdirectly by the seller or the seller's service provider in accordance withthe standards of the seller or the factory.



4.     Cancellation Policy

Fiorenzo only allows cancellation of an order if it has been made within 24 hours. After thistime span, Fiorenzo can no longer cancel the order asits production has begun and costs incurred (fabrics, tailor time, etc.).


5.    ShippingPolicy


5.1.       ShippingMethods


·         In case of a small order placed, it will be shipped via Airmail

·         In case of large orders, will be sent by courier service which isdifferent for different country like whatever the courier service company (DHL/FedEx,etc.) chooses.


5.2.      Shipping Fees


Includes 2 options:


·         The prices quoted included already

·         Different cost for country to country-If maximum quantity of orderplaced, then courier service charge will be applied for example: when order isplaced for 5 shirts. After the order is made, the client is informed. Thecourier service charge depends on the weight of the product’s order placed.


5.3.      Expected Delivery Timeframe


·         After seeing from which country is the order from like for 1 shirtor for 10 shirts, then the client can convey the delivery timeframe.

·         All packages sent have a separate tracking number and may befollowed on the Order Status page. You agree that credit cards and debit cardsare to be charge d on the date of inventory reservation for the order, not thedate of shipping.

5.4.      DelayedDelivery of Shipping


If nodelivery date is specified, then within a reasonable time of the date of theShipping Confirmation, which could be in exceptional circumstances can belonger than 30 days.